How’s the Market?

How’s the Market? That really does depend on if you are interested buying, selling, investing or renting.

Wow! It has been an exciting time in my Real Estate Career. I have seen the market go to the high of highs, down to the low of lows, and now our current market. I don’t know how to explain our current market….but it is crazy again. Not enough houses for buyers. We are VERY low on foreclosed homes, a few short sales, and a few homes that investors are flipping .  We are seeing bidding wars again, bids going way over asking, sellers asking buyers to pay over appraisal prices, and many cash offers. I know many agents are having problems getting buyers into homes that they can afford if they are wanting a home under 100k.

The good news of this is our market is getting stronger. My opinion of  the market is that we have seen the housing market low in Arizona! Great news for everyone who has purchased a home in the last 2 to 3 years, you are going to start making money on your homes!!! This of course is going to be true if the banks don’t flood the market with all the homes that have been foreclosed on but not been resold.

I hope that his makes everyones holiday week a little brighter! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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