Top 10 Cities Foreign Investors Are Targeting

Interesting article I found on Many of you may know that many of our buyers this time of year are foreigners! See where we stand!


From Chinese investors flocking to California to Canadian snowbirds heading to Arizona, international home buyers are offering a growing niche for more real estate professionals. 

But which places are international investors targeting in their home search? evaluated where buyers from overseas are looking online to gauge possible current and future home-purchasing patterns. 

Canadian investors have a growing appetite for U.S. real estate, Point2 finds. Canadian investors made up 91.89 percent of the overall international traffic to Arizona listings, 75.90 percent to Hawaii, 73.92 percent to Michigan, 70.55 percent to Nevada, and 65.05 percent to California. 

Las Vegas had the highest overall international traffic online among U.S. cities, with Canadians serving as the leading source of traffic there at 70.47 percent, followed by 5.28 percent of the traffic coming from UK residents and 2.19 percent from France.

The top 10 cities for international traffic online by international buyers in the third quarter are:

1. Las Vegas, Nev.

2. Orlando, Fla.

3. Kissimmee, Fla.

4. Detroit, Mich.

5. Pompano-Beach, Fla.

6. Miami, Fla.

7. Mesa, Ariz.

8. Davenport, Fla.

9. Phoenix

10. Indio, Calif.

Overall, Florida emerged as the top state attracting international traffic online for the third-quarter, according to Point2. 

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