RE/MAX Agents think the Market is Changing!!!

As a RE/MAX agent I thought this was a great article to the value of using a RE/MAX agent!

RE/MAX agents are no strangers to being visible experts in their marketplaces, often giving media interviews and sharing their insights on local real estate. Now a new quarterly survey – RE/MAX Market Insights – provides Associates with a nationally branded platform to share their market opinions.

More than 1,000 RE/MAX residential agents provided responses for the inaugural survey conducted in December. Participants offered their thoughts on market conditions and consumer behavior in 2011, as well as predictions for the New Year.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the December survey’s highlights:

  • 39% of RE/MAX agents believe that prices have already hit bottom
  • Nearly three-fourths of agents say their markets will have emerged from declining home prices by the end of 2012
  • 62.1% of agents predict good to very good sales in 2012
  • Half of closings were significantly delayed due to bank procedures (22.7%), financing (14.5%) and appraisals (8.7%)

The RE/MAX Public Relations team used survey responses to craft a press release and infographic that was distributed to national news outlets in January, resulting in significant media coverage. With the surveys being conducted regularly and distributed to reporters, RE/MAX agents will benefit from the increased media visibility on an ongoing basis.

Agents are randomly selected to participate in the online surveys. It’s important to participate in the RE/MAX Market Insights survey if you’re contacted via email, because your insights help RE/MAX, LLC produce an accurate portrayal of market trends and conditions – not to mention provide you with a great item of value to share with your sphere.

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