FHA – There are some changes

Wow it is Wednesday already…Where has the week gone? We are half way to the weekend! And here in the Valley it looks like we might have a nice weekend in the forecast. I think it is a perfect weekend to buy or sell a home!! Really I have been seeing so many emails about FHA changes that I wanted to share some with you. Some are good, some are not as good, but in the long run if you can qualify to buy a home it is GREAT. Owning a home has so many benefits, such as tax breaks and creating wealth. Okay, back to FHA financing…..the change that is positive for many buyers is that they are now allowing some negative accounts on the credit to not affect if you can get a loan. In short, if you have some small charges are negative on your account and are over 2 years old, you may not have to settle them before you buy a home! Good news if there are a couple of small things on your credit…..YOU are possibly ready to buy!! Let me know if you want more information on many of the lending programs that are available to you. We have USDA – NO money down programs, FHA – 3.5% down, Conventional – 5% – 20% down, Hard Money loans – (if you have had a foreclosure or short-sale only 1 year ago),…

Call or text me today at 480-275-9566 or text 90210 and in the message line put in “sellingaz” to get responses! OR check out my website at http://www.sellingazwithrebecca.com


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