Spring is in the air!

Wow Spring is here! And we are going to be busy for the rest of this month!! I personally am busy getting the back yard done!! I will post pictures when its done, even though I know that it HAS NOTHING to do with real estate! But its fun! And home improvements always improve the value of your home and makes it more comfortable for you and your family! Besides being busy redoing our back yard, I am, as always, busy trying to get the best matched home for my buyers and working hard to get the contracts accepted! 

On the flip side of my buyers, my sellers are getting GREAT exposure on their homes! Excited about the traffic that they are getting!! This is good news for my sellers that they are getting traffic through and hopefully getting contracts accepted very SOON! And one went pending a few days ago! And the Sellers are HAPPY with it! 

On another note, we are have a busy weekend next weekend for the RE/MAX Property Shop! WE are going to be a BIG sponsor of the Roots N Boots Rodeo in Queen Creek! So come and visit the booth and meet the agents! AND if you come when I am there you will get a great deal on something in the area!!! More details to come!!! 

For more information call me at 480-275-9566 or check out my website http://www.sellingazwithrebecca.com


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