Valley Prices going up? YES we are on the Upswing!

Happy Monday morning friends! Good news is spreading in the papers! I was going to grab the Sunday paper and on the the front page was an article stating that we are on the up in our housing market! Maybe we can see the light at the end of our housing depression here in the Valley of the Sun!  The AZ Republic made comments about the houseing market climbing quicker then in the boom. The values of our homes here still have a LONG way to go to recover, but we are heading in the right direction! We have more buyers then homes on the market and this is good news for sellers we are able to sell homes quickly! The home values are to increased about 5-10% a month due to the shortage of homes! 

Don’t get scared buyers! This means that you will be paying more for a home then you would have  a year ago, but with the historical low interest rates you will be able to buy a home for cheaper then rent! 

As an agent, I love to see the market moving in the right direction and love to be able to give buyers as well as sellers great news! 

If you have any questions call or text me at 480-275-9566. Or email me at or check out my website at

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  1. Why, isn’t this a great news!!!

    – Dorn Homes, custom home builder in Arizona

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