Selling your home by yourself? IS it SAFE?

Are you a FSBO (For Sale by Owner)? How are you protecting yourself, your house and your family? You post your home online on Craigslist or another site, and how are you being protected from intruders? If I call you saying I am a buyer for your home, how do you know if the buyer is 

1) Qualified

2) Not looking to target your home in a robbery

3) Real

Okay, what am I getting at. Let me get to the point. When you market your home, you have NO real protection. If I, as a potential buyer, call you to ask all about your home, pictures, how I can look at it, you have set your self up for a home robbery. How you say? First as a seller, you are going to “keep” any buyer you get to call you to come look at your marvelous home. I can understand, to you, the seller, you are emotionally attached to your  property. You will give out more information then the buyer may need, such as your work schedule. If you shoot  pictures with your belongings in it, a person can see what valuables you may have. Also, how is the buyer going to come see the home? Are you going to be there? How do the buyers get keys? 

As a Representative of both buyers and sellers, I try to insure that all parties are being protected. I don’t show buyers that are not qualified homes. This eliminates potential frauds going through homes and insuring they are real buyers. To protect my sellers, I put a ARMLS lockbox on the home, to insure that I know who is going into the home and when. It also insures that buyers are going with a licensed agent. 

The short of the story is if you are thinking of selling your home by yourself, for your  protection you should conciser talking to a Realtor to help you. Help you protect your home, and protect yourself from any contract issues! Call or text me today if you have any questions! @480-275-9566


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