5 States with High Foreclosures


Foreclosures have fallen by double-digit percentages nationwide, but in a few pockets, foreclosures still remain problematic. 

In five states alone, foreclosures accounted for nearly half of all completed foreclosures nationwide. According to CoreLogic’s latest foreclosure report, the following five states had the highest number of foreclosures for the 12 months ending in August: 

  1. Florida: 111,000
  2. Michigan: 60,000
  3. California: 58,000
  4. Texas: 43,000
  5. Georgia: 40,000

The following five states had the highest foreclosure inventory as percentage of all homes with a mortgage: 

  1. Florida: 7.9%
  2. New Jersey: 6.2%
  3. New York: 4.9%
  4. Maine: 4%
  5. Connecticut: 3.9%

Meanwhile, these five states had the lowest number of completed foreclosures in the past 12 months: 

  1. District of Columbia: 94
  2. North Dakota: 463
  3. Hawaii: 492
  4. West Virginia: 501
  5. Wyoming: 723

Source: CoreLogic

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